Black or White

Black or White

Theme party

Black or White

There nothing like a theme party to add a little spice to your entertaining. One of the less complicated themes that works well and is easy to pull off  both for the hostess and the guests is a  black and white party.

Creating the mood
* Use black and white decorations around the room with maybe one accent colour like silver, hot pink or red. Black and white balloons are easy to work with and one can add colour added to the clusters by curling ribbon or use tiny white fairy lights intertwined with swathes of inexpensive black fabric.

* Centre pieces or table decorations can be as simple as thick white candles glued onto mirror squares and highlighted with black ribbon. Add silver glitter or stars to the base
for added effect. Alternatively colour bowls of water with black ink and float white
candles and white flowers in it.

* Carry the theme through with the crockery. Use white paper/ china plates and black napkins, set on a black or stark white table cloth.

* Serve food that is as close to the theme as possible preferably using large black and white trays.

Dress up your guests
* Ask your guests to come
in the theme colours. Preferably white for ladies and black for men. Dressy casual generally works best as long as its strictly limited to black and white.
* Music - Choose few songs that tie into the black and white theme like Michael Jackson's Black or White, AC/DC's Back in Black, Billy Idol's White Wedding and Paul McCartney's
Ebony and Ivory. You can also run a few black and white movies on DVD in the background to add to the effect.