Small gestures of love

Small gestures of love

Christmas Gifts

Small gestures of love

Christmas is a time for sharing and showing your loved ones that you care. And the joy of gifting is just one of those things about the festive season that you cannot put a price on.

Metrolife speaks to people to find out about the kind of gifts they have planned for Christmas and whether this ‘ritual’ has seen any changes over the years. 

Aneesh Medina, a young professional, says that for Christmas, he usually buys a few gifts for a few people who are really close to him.

“I play it safe with the elders by buying them cakes, wine or cookies from places like ‘Thom’s Bakery’, ‘Not Just Wine And Cheese’ or ‘Cookie Man’. For a younger person, probably in their mid 20s, a nice box of chocolates from ‘Bliss’ or ‘Chocolate Junction’ always works well,” he shares.

When asked if gifting has become expensive over the years, he smiles and adds, “The price has certainly gone up in recent years. But then, that’s the case with everything else in the City – one just goes with the flow.”

“Christmas is definitely
my favourite season of the year! Going for Christmas Mass, the sumptuous Christmas lunch, meeting cousins and friends, the twinkling lights along with that nip in the air make for a wonderful holiday.

Exchanging gifts with your family and friends is one of the highlights. It’s like having a second birthday!” says Preeti John, an engineering student. According to her, what makes it even more special are the days leading up to it.

She adds, “We put up all the decorations and lights, go shopping for gifts, bake plum cakes and make other goodies which we give our friends and neighbours on Christmas day.”

On the other hand, there are some non-Christians who like to give their close friends small and meaningful gifts that don’t necessarily comply with the Christian code of gifting.
 “When I was growing up, my sister and I used to give each other gifts on  December 25. Over the years, my generosity has also extended to some close friends, to whom I give something common to.|

Last year, I gave them the candles that I made. This year, I’m going to make a batch of cookies and distribute them in pretty boxes,” notes Megha B, who works in the City.