DU students to get helpline

Post-exam grievances can be addressed easily now

 A phone number will be provided to Delhi University students along with their results so they can talk to officials concerned if there is any result-related issue, university officials said.

Undergraduate semester-end examinations recently ended. “The student does not have to run from one office to another to find officials who can direct the student regarding his concerns. For example, if in the result absent is marked even after the student has appeared for the exams, whom to contact in such a situation will be given in the result. The idea is to make things easy for the students,” said a senior official.

The official said, the contact person will give details about where the student should go thus making it less time-consuming. “What documents are required for correction will also be written on the result. The contact person will inform the student about when to arrive at the examination branch and on which window cases like his are being looked into,” added the official.

He added that documents like admission card, hall ticket, attendance slip duly signed by the principal, fee slip, a copy of the mark-sheet and identity card should be carried by students when they come to university.

Although the students are welcoming the move, skepticism over not running from official to another lingers. “I know of a post graduate student who could not pay his examination fee on time, although he was allowed grace time, he was not allowed to go meet any officials at the examination branch. I see harried students and their parents standing outside the branch everyday,” said an undergraduate student.

The teacher said that with confusion if re-evaluation will be implemented or not, the chance of invigilators making mistakes are higher than usual. Before the exams started the Vice Chancellor announced that re- -evaluation will not take place from this academic year as three invigilators will check one answer script.

“One of the glaring mistakes which students make is that they don’t write the question number, or write an incorrect question number. Because the script is divided in parts to three invigilators, there is a chance of mistaking the answer for a different question and vice versa. An option of re-evaluation is a must,” said a professor of English, Gargi College.

Teachers said that there is no notification yet about re-evaluations. “We get all our news from the media. One of the newspaper carried a story saying that the VC is thinking of bringing back the re evaluation system. But there is no confirmation, at least I don't know about it,” added a teacher.

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