Discovering the elements of life

Discovering the elements of life

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Tiesto is a Dutch DJ and record producer of electronic dance music. He has become one of the world’s most famous people in the trance and electronic dance-music scenes. He was crowned the "’World’s No1 DJ’ three consecutive times by DJ Magazine from 2002 through 2004.

‘Elements of Life: Remixed’ are remixes from Tiesto’s original album Elements of Life (2007), which was nominated in the category ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ at the 50th Grammy Awards.

All 11 tracks of the original album are presented in a remixed version, where the 12th track song ‘He’s A Pirate’ is now replaced with the previously unavailable ‘No More Heroes’, a track Tiesto specially recorded for the performances of the Blue Man Group during some of his Elements of Life world tour concerts. The 12 tracks are a brilliant mix of tunes with impressive bass.

The opening track ‘Ten Seconds Before Sunrise’ does seem to evoke the sun which is about to come up, with its sunny treble, chords and choir sounds. ‘Do You Feel Me’ is a deep and hypnotising track in which Julie Thompson adds flavour with her vocals. Julie is best known from the dance floor smash ‘Nothing’. In ‘Sweet Things’, Charlotte Martin’s vocals are complemented by some exceptional programming. This track is arguably the best in the album and is sure to be a hit with DJs and dance enthusiasts. ‘Bright Morningstar’ has an ethereal quality to its sound. This is followed by ‘Break My Fall’ which has a strong beat and male vocals.

‘In The Dark’ which features Christian Burns is more like a Euro-pop song than a dance track, but it is an interesting variation. ‘Dance4Life’ features Maxi Jazz , the Faithless frontman. Other tracks included ‘Everything’ (featuring JES), ‘Carpe Noctum’, ‘Driving To Heaven’ and the interesting title track, ‘Elements of life’.

Elements of Life (remixed)