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Last Updated 14 December 2012, 13:33 IST

Ambur, a small town in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, is famous for many things — most particularly its biryani. Those who live there or visit the place will tell you about the dish served there, which is definitely a must-try.

But now, Bangaloreans needn’t travel that far for a plate of biryani — there is a small eatery, tucked away in the bylanes of Koramangala, that serves the authentic Ambur biryani for a reasonable price.

Run by a family who hails from Ambur, the eatery is called Ambur Biryani Point.  One can easily miss this eatery, since it’s barely more than a small shed. But come afternoon, and the hoard of people gathered around it really makes it stand out.

Opened in 2010, the place has only three items on the menu ––  chicken biryani, mutton biryani and chicken kebabs. Muzammil, one of the owners, says that they started this eatery for their livelihood and also to bring a new variety of biryani to Bangalore.
So what’s so unique about the Ambur biryani?

“The preparation style is very different than the normal biryani. We use a lot of spices and even the rice is very different,” he explains.  The biryani is often served with onion pachudi or raita and kathirikkai masala (eggplant gravy), which makes the meal a fulfilling and delightful one.

The chicken biryani and kebabs are priced at Rs 50 per plate and the mutton biryani is priced at Rs 90. “It’s not only reasonable but even the quantity is very good. One plate will get you three pieces of meat and a huge heap of rice,” says Avinash, a regular at the place.

While the eatery doesn’t have any place to sit, it has a small area where one can stand and eat the biryani. But many of the people who come here tend to parcel the food. In fact, in a day, the place manages to sell an average of 400 plates of biryani. “People have really liked the food and we even have our regulars, who come here at least thrice a week,” says Muzammil.

Open on all days of the week from 11 am to 9 pm, the place also takes catering orders.
Ambur Biryani Point is located at # 302, 1st Main, Jakkasandra Extension, 1st Block, Koramangala. For
details, call 9739191644.

(Published 14 December 2012, 13:33 IST)

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