MoU between Ambanis' a court paper: RNRL

  In its reply to the application field before the Supreme Court in the natural gas dispute RNRL  said, ‘’It is submitted that the MoU is dated 18.6.2005 is valid and is binding on RIL.”
RNRL in its written arguments said the conduct of RIL was malafide and initially it did not deny the existence of the MoU and in fact admitted it before the company court.

RNRL said that the MoU is binding on both parties as it was part of the documents submitted for demerger of the assets.

RNRL said RIL can supply gas for 17 years contrary to its claim that the KGB6 well would produce gas for 14 years only.

‘’In order to wriggle out of the obligation to supply gas for 17 years, RIL has alleged that the life of a gas well is about 14 years and RIL can not supply gas for a period beyond this.

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