Juice cost him Rs 45 lakh!

Juice cost him Rs 45 lakh!

Customers burgle pawnbrokers shop after drink knocks him out

The Basaveshwarnagar police said that at about 1.20 pm, two persons came to Jain Bankers and picked up a conversation with Dinesh Gandhi. After some time, one of them went out, bought tetrapacks of juice and offered it to the shop owner. All the three had the juice but soon Dinesh fell unconscious and within no time, the two emptied the showcase and cupboard and fled.

Usually, Dinesh was in the habit of closing the shop by 2 pm and go home for lunch. When he didn't turn up, Dinesh’s son Yasu Gandhi came in search of his father and was shocked to see him lying on the ground and the shop ransacked. Dinesh was rushed to the neighbouring Pristine Hospital and is in intensive care.

Dinesh has given vital leads to the cops. Sources said, Dinesh has identified one of the miscreants as Gopal, a known customer.

Earlier, on quite a few occasions, Gopal had pawned jewellry with Dinesh.

CDs seized
Ramamurthynagar police have raided two Compact Disc shops and seized pirated Compact Discs worth Rs 10 lakh. The accused are Ambarish of Hindupura and Wazid of Ramamurthynagar.

The police, acting on a tip-off, raided the two shops and seized 3,000 pirated CDs of Hindi, English, Telugu and Tamil movies.

They told the police they had bought the CDs from a person who regularly supplies them to various centres in Ramamurthynagar. Police have now launched a hunt for the supplier.

Houses burgled
Burglars struck at two houses and made away with valuables and cash on Friday.
The residence of Mohan Raj, a retired army officer in Banashankari, was burgled when he had gone to Singapore. Cash of Rs 2.6 lakh is missing from the house.

The theft came to light when Mohan Raj returned early on Saturday. The burglars had gained entry into the house by breaking open the lock.

In another incident in Konena Agrahara (Airport police station limits), thieves broke open the lock and gained entry into the house of Dinesh Jain, a private company employee, while he was out on duty.

They fled with Rs 2,000 cash and jewellery worth Rs one lakh. The theft came to light when Jain returned home in the evening.

Stolen laptops recovered
The Sanjaynagar police arrested one person and recovered  three laptops worth Rs 1.5 lakh on Friday.

The accused is Manjunath of Nandini Layout. Manjunath, who was imprisoned a few months ago, developed friendship with one Sridhar, while in jail.
After release, Manjunath took to stealing laptops with Sridhar’s help. He would identify houses where the laptops would be kept near windows, and use a metal wire to drag them out.