Recreating a classic tale

Recreating a classic tale

Musical Drama

Recreating a classic tale

What better way to usher the season of Yuletide and spread the message of hope than music? Students of grade one to 12 of Asia Pacific World School revisited the classic ‘Sound of Music’ at their school’s Christmas programme, held recently. Watching the musical proved to be a walk down memory lane for the parents and spectators gathered there.

The musical was well-rehearsed and essayed. The students and staff of the school were successful in retaining that element of nostalgia in the show. Right from the
costumes to the set, everything was kept as authentic as possible.

However, what stole the show was the music — the school choir did a brilliant job in supporting the actors with the songs and backup vocals.

Songs like ‘Doe A Deer’ and ‘Raindrops and Roses’ were performed beautifully by the choir, as well as the actors and students.

While some songs were performed by the choir, others like ‘You Are 16 Going On 17’ were taken from the original screenplay. Antony D’ Souza, the director of the school, says that the children and the staff had been practising for the show for the last four months.

“We had planned this show long back and conducted an audition for the musical — that is how we chose the entire team. For the last four months, the staff and children have dedicated an hour a day towards practising to ensure the show is a success. We encourage students to excel in sports, theatre, music as well as extracurricular activities so that they have overall growth,” he explains.

It was not just the actors who were enjoying themselves on stage — the audience could be seen applauding and encouraging the children from time to time. Amir Akbar, a young member of the audience, was excited to see his brother on stage.
 “I have seen the movie and I feel the play is better. My brother plays the role of a butler; I have seen him rehearsing at home and could not wait to see him on stage. Our entire family is here to watch and encourage him,” says Amir.

Mary was equally excited to hear her daughter singing.

 “It’s like I am reliving my days in school through my daughter. I was very active when it came to dramatics and music in school and college. I encourage her to take part in all kinds of things. These kids are doing a very good job and it’s wonderful to see them so involved and interested,” she notes.