Big B misses parents on birthday

Big B misses parents on birthday

Family affair

The actor, who turned 67 on Sunday, fondly recollected his childhood days, the manner in which his parents used to celebrate the day, and said he missed them gravely on his birthday.

“My parents are not there. I miss them on this day but their soul, memories and blessings are very much with me,” an emotional Amitabh said.

Memorable gifts

“They used to celebrate my birthday in a grand way. As a child I was very much excited about birthdays as all family members and friends used to come home with gifts, which were a great source of attraction for me,” Bachchan said walking down the memory lane.

“But now, those days are no more and we have grown old. Now, for me being with family on my birthday means a lot. I celebrate my birthday with my family. I am happy when family gets together,” the actor said after the unveiling of the first look of his upcoming movie ‘Rann’.

“When they (his parents) were there I used to get encouragement. It is important to have an elderly person in the family who can handle and look after everything. Now I am the elder person and I want to set an example for my family by doing and giving them the best things,” he added.

Fans throng home

Son Abhishek Bachchan and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have come back home from the shooting of Mani Ratnam’s film ‘Ravana’ to usher in Big B’s birthday.

Thousands of fans from all over the city of Mumbai and the country thronged the Bollywood legend’s homes — ‘Prateeksha’ and ‘Jalsa’ in suburban Juhu making the event another memorable birthday.