Graceful artistry

Graceful artistry

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Graceful artistry

C V Chandrasekhar is respected not only as a veteran dancer, but also as an able teacher. As head of the department in the Sayaji Rao Gaekwad University, Baroda, he has trained a number of students in Bharatanatyam. He conducted a dance workshop in Bangalore last week, under the aegis of the World Dance Alliance, Asia Pacific, Karnataka Chapter.

On the concluding day, C V Chandrasekhar himself gave a dance recital, which was a fitting finale to the workshop. Right from the opening piece Gayiye Ganapathi, he caught the complete attention of the assembly. The piece de resistance of the programme was the familiar Dhanyasi varna. It was amazing to see even at the age of 74, Chandrasekhar with his pleasing stage presence and measured movements, performing with ease and profoundity.

It gave an idea of the discipline inculcated through rigid training, and scholarly nature of the teaching and vast experience of the artiste. Attractive and graceful Nritha with soft dignified facial expression, a distinct individuality standing out in his presentation. The Ashtapadi also had its natural impress with unhurried grace. The background music (recorded) was sung by Chandrasekhar himself, which was another attraction of the programme.

Exceptional talent

The ‘Akshaya Loka’ - cultural institute in the city, held a music programme which was different in many ways. Only one Krithi was dealt with, and a single raga was presented in the whole concert. Senior musician, popular teacher and composer R K Padmanabha chose Todi raga for a detailed treatment.

He started the alapana from the Mandra Sthayee, slowly developing swara by swara; the raga bristled with lively phrases, for an hour. The impact was further enhanced with energetic thana. His methodical approach to the raga, with an aesthetic touch, brought a composite picture of the melody.

A gem from the treasure chest of Muthuswami Dikshithar Sri Krishnam Bhaje Manasa Sathatham stood out for its improvisatory nerval and swaraprasthara. C N Chandrasekhar, C Cheluvaraj and Dayanand Mohite accompanied with good understanding. Thiru, Director, also felicitated R K Padmanabha, on the eve of his 60th birth day.

Dawn-to-dawn music concert

Abhinava Vidyashankara Bharathi Swamiji celebrated the Kojagari Vratha through a "dawn to dawn" - 24 hour continuous music concert, at his Avani Sringeri Shankara Mutt. Both senior and young musicians presented compositions of different Haridasas, with suitable accompaniments.

Popular vocalist Dr Sukanya Prabhakar selected Devarnamas of Nidaguraji Jeevu Bai, a lesser-known Haridasa composer. She opened her programme with Yeli Belagayithu (Raga Bhouli).

With her melodious voice she elaborated Nuthanake Nuthana (Hamirkalyani) and Balakrishna Baro (Keeravani). (Violin - Srinidhi, mridanga - N Vasudeva and ghata - S Srishyla).

Padas of Gopal Dasaru

It was followed by another vocal concert by Roopa and Deepa (Kasaravalli Sisters), who presented krithies of Gopala Dasaru. Yenu Sukhavo is a known pada which was in the raga Sriranjini. While Kapadale was in Bageshri, the Yena bedali ninna was tuned in Hindola. They also sang Dayavirali and Guru Raghavendrara neatly.

Venkatesh Joshiyer, B S Anand and N S Krishna Prasad supported on violin, mridanga and ghata, respectively.

Devi krithies

Kalavathy Awadhuth also gave a vocal concert in the same mutt, as part of the cultural festival. She presented a number of compositions on Devi, which suited the occasion very well. The aesthetic articulation for Saveri (Shankari Shankuru) showed her prowess and competence. Her selection of different composers revealed her good repertoire and rendering brought out her talent. Kelosacharitha in ragamalike brimmed with bhava and Durgadevi Samrakshamam was another fine composition.

The other krithies included Sri Kamalambike, Sri Chakraraja and Bhagyada Lakshmi - with lyrical charm. Nalina Mohan on violin, C Cheluvaraj on mridanga and Guruprasanna on khanjari - accompanied her.
Mysore V Subramanya

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