PU lecturers oppose BEd qualification

PU lecturers oppose BEd qualification

Department of Pre-University Education maintains its stand

But the new lecturers have also been directed to complete their BEd course within four years. The orders say that having a BEd is a mandatory requirement, although the lecturers are already qualified with post graduate degrees.

The recruitment process was conducted by Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) for the lecturers’ posts  in government pre-university colleges. As many as 2,578 lecturers were issued appointment orders by the Department of Pre University Education (PUE), and candidates were asked to report to government colleges with immediate effect.

Professor Sriram, President, Karnataka Government PU College Lecturers Association said, “The appointment orders issued to newly-appointed lecturers contained instructions that a lecturer must complete BEd within a duration of four years from the date of appointment. Earlier, the lecturers opposed the move by the government to make BEd qualification compulsory for Pre-University lecturers.”
He argued that school teachers require BEd qualification for teaching, while PU lecturers are qualified well to teach at the college level.

No response
He added, “The requirement of B Ed qualification indicates that school teachers and PU lectures are on the same level. Previously, the government had ordered that BEd was mandatory for PU lecturers, following which the association and existing PU lecturers protested, but no response was initiated by the government”.
However according to the rules, the Department of Pre University Education maintains that BEd qualification was necessary. 

S Shankarnarayan, Director, PUE Department, said, “As per the new Cadre and Recruitment (C&R) rules, BEd is mandatory for PU lecturers. Most of the newly-appointed lecturers already possess BEd qualification, as they have been high school teachers before, with many years of experience. The Department is aware that the lecturers did protest against the new clause, which was passed nearly four years ago.”

The Director also said that the government had not taken back the order.