'Tomar fell on his own, none beat him'

Subhash Tomar collapsed on his own while chasing protesters on India Gate along with other policemen, and  no one had beaten him, says  eyewitness  Yogendra, who along with other constables gave Tomar first aid and brought him to the hospital.

The 21-year-student and a himself a protester appeared on a TV channel during Tuesday evening “after realizing that the Delhi Police were trying to give Tomar’s death another twist to implicate innocent students.”

He, who is seen in various photographs serving the unconscious Tomar on the street, narrated this entirely different story on the TV channel during an evening show. He said that Tomar was running along with other policemen after protesters and suddenly fell down. Yogendra and a fellow girl protester saw it and ran to him. They along with two other constables lifted him and gave him the first aid. He said that the unconscious constable had lost his breath and his eyes were opened and fixed.

Yogendra also laments that two constables,  who were accompanying Tomar, disappeared suddenly leaving the ailing constable to his fate.

The student and the fellow protester managed to attract one police officer and the constable was brought to the hospital. He also accompanied him to the hospital.

Yogendra is journalism student in local Ambedkar collage. Incidentally, he and the fellow girl protester had just come from a hospital after getting a first aid for the girl who was hit by stone.

The girl belongs to Sikkim and her name is Pauli, says the student.  The student had given his number to the local police and also had phone calls from them. “But  after Tomar’s death, he was not contacted. He could view TV channels only in the afternoon to find that Tomar had died and a different story is being circulated by the Delhi Police,” he said during a debate on TV.

“ I am surprised that the police are blaming protesters for his death and trying to implicate some of them even after knowing that this was  not their fault,”  he says. He says that no one had beaten the constable.

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