Electronic cigarettes don't help kick the butt

Electronic cigarettes may not be useful in combating smoking addiction as they are still delivering nicotine to the body, an Italian government study has warned.

This “fashion gadget” should not be used by young people because, even if smaller quantities of nicotine are inhaled in this way, there are still serious potential health risks, the study by the Italian Health Ministry said.

The report also raised the concern that the use of this gadget could lead young people to graduate from these devices to smoking real cigarettes, ABC News reported.

However, an association of electronic cigarette makers said the device is intended to help people who are already smokers. The e-cigarette is basically an electronic inhaler made up of a plastic cartridge that acts as a mouthpiece, a battery, a reservoir for a liquid aroma solution and an “atomiser” that vaporises the liquid.

Some of the aroma solutions contain nicotine in different concentrations. It produces a smoke-like vapour that simulates the act of tobacco smoking and when inhaled delivers the nicotine, if used in the liquid-base, into the bloodstream via the lungs.

“We can say that the electronic cigarette is less toxic, but we cannot say that it is totally innocuous.

We have to have a prudent approach towards this product as we know little about its worth in stopping people smoking or how toxic it is,” Roberta Pacifici, director of Italy Observatory on Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use at the National Health Institute told Italian news agency ANSA.

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