'I do a lot of kick-boxing'

'I do a lot of kick-boxing'

'I do a lot of kick-boxing'

Acting is in her lineage. So after a stint in modelling, it was natural for Shazahn Padamsee, daughter of noted actors Alyque Padamsee and Sharon Prabhakar to end up on the big screen.

Although her debut film, ‘Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year’ bombed, Shazahn quickly got over that and moved on to bag meatier roles in bigger projects in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Although she can’t speak any South Indian language, she confesses that she’s quite eager to learn and dub in South Indian languages someday.

 Shazahn has signed a couple of new projects but she can’t help but recollect the time she spent with the cast of Housefull 2, both on and off the screen, “We bonded really well and that helped strengthen the characters. When we were not shooting, we would go sightseeing, shopping, restaurant-hopping and even indulge in some girly stuff together,” Shazahn tells Metrolife.

Shazahn grabbed a lot of eyeballs when she donned a bikini in Housefull 2 but
she has no qualms about flaunting her body, which she takes great pains to maintain. “If the role is aesthetically shot and the character demands, then I don’t mind wearing a bikini. If you have a good body, why not flaunt it?” she wonders.

While multi-starrers have their own charm, Shazahn hopes to go solo soon. “I am in no hurry to do one project after another but I’ll wait for the right role to come by. But until then, I am pretty content with what I am doing,” she says.

She is inspired and influenced by her father Alyque Padamsee and feels that her experience in theatre has kept her in good stead. “There’s a lot of writing and reading that I do all the time. Whenever a subject crosses my mind, I jot it down. Theatre is a great teacher,” she adds.

Talking about South Indian films, Shazahn confides that she would like to do films with Vikram and Surya. “I find Vikram quite hot and likewise, a lot of Southern heros are good-looking and well-informed,” she quips.
Shazahn doesn’t compromise on staying fit. “I do a lot of kick-boxing. It’s a great way to burn all the excess fat and leaves you feeling good about yourself,” she signs off.