Ma Foi Conulting Solutions bags UNICEF project in Jharkhand

Ma Foi Conulting Solutions bags UNICEF project in Jharkhand

Among the several projects undertaken by UNICEF in India, one of the projects is providing support to the state Government of Jharkhand for 8 of their flagship programmes that include Child Development & Nutrition programme, Education, Child Environment, Children and HIV/AIDS, Social Policy, Advocacy and Behaviour Change Communication programmes, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Child Protection and Monitoring & Evaluation.

UNICEF is committed to work on human development initiatives across the world especially in developing countries like India. Ma Foi’s scope of work in this project includes meeting UNICEF’s HR management and consulting needs.

Finding professional
Finding qualified professionals in Jharkhand for these flagship programmes has been a challenge given the current state of affairs in the state. UNICEF India felt the need to hire a Human Resource management firm for its manpower and engaged Ma Foi which won this contract amongst stiff competition from other leading industry players in this space. Ma Foi’s mandate broadly encompasses the following:

Setting up an HR management agency at the state? headquarters at Ranchi with adequate staff.

Conducting all activities related to the? recruitment of technical consultants and other staff as per project requirements.

Managing finance and accounts relating to a? maximum deployment of 180 staff/deputees

Managing the logistics for all contracted staff?

Providing assistance for performance evaluation of the contracted staff and other such services related to management of human resources.

Strategic support
Speaking about the project bagged, Ajay Mallapurkar, CEO, Ma Foi Consulting Solutions Limited said, “We are very proud of our association with an international organisation like UNICEF and look forward to playing a key role in providing strategic and structural support for their developmental projects.”

“There is a need for more such collaboration between the private and social sectors that will help bolster the community development initiatives in the country,” said Mallapurkar.