Pamper your sweet tooth

Pamper your sweet tooth

Distinct flavour

Pamper your sweet tooth

For anyone on the lookout for a new sugar rush, Cupcake Noggins is a must try. Located near 15th Main Road in Koramangala 4th Block, the place is a haven for cupcake fans and lovers of all things sweet.

Comprising a tiny wooden porch and a window through which the order is placed, it is very cosy and inviting at first glance.

As you go nearer, the sights and smells assure you that you are meant to be there.  
Trays of neatly lined up colourful cupcakes greet you, leaving one spoiled for choice — red velvet, oreo and crème, strawberry, orange chocolate, chocolate choco-chip and vanilla and so on — each one with a distinct flavour and texture. On the sides are marshmallow fudge, New York cheesecake, chocolate truffle, chocolate cookies and lots more. 

The cupcakes are reasonably priced at Rs 45 each, and the other items don’t burn a hole in the pocket either. A chicken quiche costs Rs 25 while the veg cutlet costs Rs 20; chocolate sprinkled doughnuts cost Rs 15 each, while tartlets comes for Rs 20. Interestingly, the cupcakes are all home-made in small batches to keep them fresh throughout.

“I bake in the basement of my house from around 5 in the morning, so that the cakes are moist and fresh. People keep coming back because they can see that it’s made with love and care. We buy all our stuff locally because we’re particular about this being sustainable,” shares 66-year-old Leela Thomas, the master chef of the cupcake café.

Run by her daughter and son-in-law so that the talented baker gets back into the groove, the place is thriving based purely on word of mouth. And surprisingly, that’s a good enough formula to get a set of regulars who swear by these desserts and travel from remote corners of the City to grab a bite.

“The red velvet is the most popular of the cupcakes — people have even used terms like ‘divine’ for it,” laughs Leela. “We also see the brownies and cheesecakes being polished off. There are 200-250 cupcakes made everyday and they’re all sold out.

Sometimes, second deliveries are also made. We wanted to be able to work out something that we can sustain without compromising on the quality or generosity of ingredients,” she wraps up. For details, call 9986761619.