Villagers allege 'interference' in temple construction, block road

Villagers allege 'interference' in temple construction, block road

Traffic comes to standstill for over three hours

The protesting villagers alleged that the Forest Department is interfering unnecessarily in construction of a temple on theland  owned by the Department. The villagers said that there was a small Anjaneya temple at the site where the construction is now being carried on.

Joint effort

The residents of the villages in the vicinity have come together to beautify the structure and the work on carving pillars has already begun.  Signficant sum has already been spent on the task and the Forest Department authorities are now interfering with the work, without any reason, they alleged. The protesters complained that the Department authorities who visited the spot, took construction materials to their possession and made the labourers to sit under sun.

Range Forest Officer Chandrashekharaiah and police rushed to the spot and tried to pacify the protesting villagers. However, their attempt to convince the villagers to withdraw the road block, went futile.

Tension prevailed for a while as a verbal duel ensued between protesters and Forest Officer.   Some tried to manhandle the Forest Officer who was at the spot. However, Police Sub-Inspector Thimmaiah and his staff gave protection to the Forest Officer as the situation showed all the signs of going out of hand. The tempers cooled down as a platoon of Reserve Police arrived at the spot.

The villagers agreed to withdraw their protest following an assurance that the seized construction equipment would be returned and the matter would be brought to the notice of higher authorities.  The protesters had parked two-wheelers and placed stone blocks on the road to block traffic. Road users were put to hardship as vehicles piled up on either side of the road.