Peek into fashion

Peek into fashion


Students at the seminar.

The Department of Fashion and Apparel Design of the Mount Carmel College, recently put together a one-day inter-collegiate workshop on portfolio presentation.

Well-known designers from across the City were roped in to give the students an insight into the world of fashion, the ingredients that go into the making of a portfolio, presentation structure and design concept.

Chetan, a product of the J D Institute of Fashion Technology enlightened the students on how to innovate in design. He focused on deconstruction where the thrust was to blend different fabrics and knit them together to create a new one. He says it’s a must to innovate in order to stand out and look different. “You could deconstruct a garment and give it a new form. Here, you actually create a new garment with a new character,” says Chetan. To Chetan there are different styles of designing. One is minimalistic where the design is kept neat and simple. In Grunge, the designs get loud and rebellious and finally in kitch one mixes different styles together. Chetan’s idea is to make garments that stand out.

Usha Kumar, Head of Department of Fashion and Apparel Design says that such a workshop was being held for the first time. The idea was to ready the students for the industry.

“Fashion is serious business today and we wanted the students to get a feel of the industry and the competition in the market,” says Usha.  

R Kanchan, another designer, delved into embroidery and highlighted the importance of it on a garment and the appeal it can give. She spoke about the importance of  students’ exposure to the industry before they venture into it. 

Arvind, another designer listed out the detailing required for portfolio presentation and the technical layout for the same.