100 principals meet on ideation in schools

Last Updated 18 January 2013, 19:52 IST

About 100 principals of DHiE schools attended a seminar organised here by Deccan Herald on ‘Encouraging Ideation and Innovation in schools’ on Friday.

A team from Intel and FICE comprising Manav Subodh, Nagesh Singh, Ritu Singh and Kishore Balaji set the pace by looking at the processes involved in innovation, selection of big ideas while connecting them to the individual.

Kishore said while innovation was tanking in India, it could tap the young talent pool. Education, he pointed out, was the best way to boost growth and change.

Manav, global mananger, entrepreneurship and innovation, Intel corporate affairs, demystified the ‘I’ in innovation by throwing questions at the audience.

The principals’ response varied from ‘Doing things differently to bringing about change, thinking out of the box, creating solutions’.

Ideas-based culture

The theme was about skills. Ideation is getting a 100 ideas and then looking at ideas that are scalable. So how do we get ideas? Again the audience responses were quick. Was it dreaming, self-development and interaction?  

The Intel team emphasised that an ideas-based culture can be created in schools. Ideation is not linear and there’s a need to accelerate the pace in schools.

Three principles were outlined: People don’t do what they can’t dream doing first; people rarely do what they don’t see people like themselves doing; innovations come and go; innovations will stay.

The videos by Ritu Singh highlighted the key points of the seminar – believe in yourself, how ‘don’ters and can’ters’ can open doors, how technology drives change, the need to come up with ideas and accept and celebrating one’s mistakes.

Principals participated in a brainstorming session on ‘increasing the spirit of research and innovation’. Groups picked a problem, solved it, and also offered negative approaches, with the sole purpose of raising the bar in education.

Discipline, social-emotional-scholastic areas of the child, greater technology accessibility and motivation for teachers, stepping up reading habits of students, were some of the areas of debate.

(Published 18 January 2013, 19:52 IST)

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