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Last Updated 26 February 2016, 18:29 IST

Is she your quintessential Bollywood actor? Well, no. A winning screen presence and appealing characters over the years have taken her a tad higher than that! No guesses why her loyal fan-base has only grown. Sixteen years of a career had bestowed on Kareena Kapoor-Khan some remarkable characters and some not so.

She has, in her own words, weathered ups and downs. But the actress doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed. In R Balki’s upcoming film, ‘Ki and Ka’, her role challenges the conventions of Indian society and the gender norms existing here. While this satire of sorts and many others are up her sleeve, she also turned brand ambassador of Magnum icecream recently.

In a candid chat with Anupama Ramakrishnan, the actor looks at her repertoire, her bond with acting and most importantly, why ice creams make her tick.

Looking back at the way your career has shaped and the variety of films you have done, would you say you are content? Or is the best yet to come?

I am always dissecting the 16 years of my career. It has been amazing to work with some great directors and some not so. There have been ups and downs all along, but overall, I have been able to play a gamut of roles. It has been quite an amazing journey and I
wish to continue to act till the last day of my life.

Your soon-to-be-released film, R Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’, takes a dig at the set standards in society and looks at progressive relationships. What was it about this concept that made you pick this script?

This is a novel concept — of an ambitious wife and a house-husband. And it’s the first time that such a film is made in India. It has been interesting working in it as it’s truly different. We have all seen house-husbands in films, but this is a new idea.

Working with director R Balki must have been a one-of-a-kind experience...

Absolutely, I would like to be in all his films. I am a director’s actor and It is great to be what he has visualised. His mind comes across in the character. I’m an instinctive actor and work best with amazing directors.

Tell us about ‘Udta Punjab’, your other project? And have you grown as an actor over the years?

Well, in ‘Udta Punjab’, I have gritty and dramatic role. I think it would be amazing
to do different kinds of roles on screen. Hopefully, I will
be able to do more in future. Acting, I would say, is in my blood.

On the homefront, how’s it being part of the royalty?

I don’t look at it that way. It’s a lovely family to be in. With my mom-in-law (Sharmila Tagore) especially, I share a great relationship.

You are quite disciplined when it comes to your fitness route. How do you associate yourself with an icecream  brand?

I have a sweet tooth. I am more of an icecream girl and it’s alright to have one once in a while. I am proud to be associated with Magnum, where you have chocolates, brownies and nuts, all in one.

Talking of which, could you elaborate on your fitness routine?

I do work out a lot and have involved a mix of Pilates and TRX in my fitness routine.

Being the avid traveller you are, where would you like to be on a vacation?

London, Paris and Gstaad. I go to London more often. Whenever I go, there is a sense of belonging.

(Published 26 February 2016, 14:58 IST)

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