Stem cell therapy gives paralysed gymnast new lease of life

Stem cell therapy gives paralysed gymnast new lease of life

Ananth, a 24-year-old gymnast who was paralysed during one of his practice sessions, was given a fresh lease of life with the help of stem cell therapy at the Health Care Global (HCG) Foundation that funded his treatment. 

An award-winning State and national-level gymnast, Ananth was practising on the fateful day in September, 2010, when he injured his spinal cord and was declared paralysed neck down, and bed-ridden.

Despite trying standard treatment, including physiotherapy, he was not responding to treatment. Ananth, who was not in a position to afford advanced treatment, approached the HCG Foundation where he underwent stem cell transplant.

HCG Ortho Oncologist consultant Dr Pramod Chinder said Ananth’s case was studied in detail where the stem cells of patients were cultured and two injections of stem cell were given to him.

Post-treatment, he has progressed significantly, with movement of hands and a return of sensation in his legs. 

HCG Group chairman Dr B S Ajaikumar said being a gymnast and leading an active life, Ananth’s case is an example of how regeneration can happen through stem cell treatment.

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