Nurture positive thoughts

Nurture positive thoughts

Never let your own thoughts betray you or weaken you. Be clear and firm about this. You’re a sovereign soul. Let neither anybody nor your negative emotions rob your sovereignty. Inspired thoughts create a magical life; peaceful thoughts create inner stability. Gloomy thoughts create a sad life; self-pity destabilizes.

If you were neglected as a child, you don’t have to believe your old interpretation that you were not worthy of love. You are worthy of love. Let this truth seep in, drop by soothing drop. Let steadfastness, that wonderful quality of your soul unfold…unfold…unfold…

Don’t allow your moods to fluctuate. When you’re sad and needy, the body picks up this melancholic undercurrent. Its blood circulation loses power, the blood pressure drops. Consequently, you feel faint, fearful, fatigued. As the brain doesn’t receive adequate blood, you become light-headed, dizzy, you may even black out.

When such symptoms reign, the doctor diagnoses it as hypotension or low blood pressure. No, below 120/80 is not necessarily ‘low blood pressure’. You can be 105/65 or lower and be healthy.

For hypotension, drink electrolyte-enriched water. Sip water all day as dehydration worsens the condition. Consult your doctor on whether you need to have salt, vitamins B Complex, B6, B12, C, E, A, folic acid and iron.

As your symptoms recede, rise with fresh vigour. Let the giant force of your will
prevail. Stride briskly, purposefully in the great outdoors. Feel your three powers in action. Will power and muscle power co-ordinate beautifully, leaving the intellect free to use its power. Don’t let it start anything negative. Let walking, indeed your entire life, be your positive-time. Engage your mind in a little game. Mark a tree in the distance and count your breaths until you reach it. Then another tree… more counting… Your focus sharpens, concentration intensifies and your  senses explode in a pleasant flowering, as if your whole being is laughing.  

Cardiovascular exercise raises the blood pressure initially, then balances it. It also revs up the blood circulation and brings courage back to your heart. When you’ve done so much healing work, don’t allow even one negative thought to creep in and
undo everything. Balance is easily destroyed—please treasure it.

Resolve staunchly not to take the path your parents took. Rather, take the tender-loving-care road to divinity. You don’t have to repeat their patterns of neglect. Be determined to defeat defeatism. The Master says, “Great things are near. Unfold your potential to partake of them.” Ah yes, work unceasingly at unfolding all your joyous potential:

*  Quit being sad. This is the best way to make space for joy.
*  Says the Master, “If the light goes out, it is not through accident, it is through lack of care.”
Always look after yourself. Self-caring is a joy-activity.
Exercise regularly. Eat nourishing meals. Include proteins. Never go hungry. Dress warm in winter, light in summer, keep dry in the monsoons.
*  Have friends from all age-groups. Don’t chase uncaring folk. Be with loving, nurturing, supportive, giving friends. It is said: good friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.  
*  Believe in a benign power greater than you, always hovering protectively over you. If you have a loving spiritual guide/guru/deity, visualize this person holding your hand as you sleep. You’ll sleep deeply, secure. You’ll wake up secure with hushed joyousness filling your mind.
Know that: all your efforts will open your wings, make hurts vanish, fill the plate on your table and… you’ll taste the exquisite sacredness of being alive.

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