Saudi man designated as global terrorist

Saudi man designated as global terrorist

US has designated Saudi Arabia’s most wanted terrorist, believed to be based in Pakistan, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist.

Ahmed Abdullah Saleh al-Khazmari al-Zahrani, also known as Abu Maryam al-Zahrani is currently wanted for extradition by Saudi Arabia for participating in terrorist activities and for his ties to al-Qaeda. He is on the Saudi Arabia’s most wanted terrorist list.

Al-Zahrani is also the subject of Interpol Red and Orange Notices because of his membership in Al-Qaeda.

Acording to the State Department in 2009, a Saudi newspaper characterised him as part of al-Qaeda’s new generation of terrorists. Abu Maryam al-Zahrani travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan from Saudi Arabia to join al-Qaeda prior to 2007 and is closely connected to many senior al-Qaeda leaders.

According to open sources, he has been in Pakistan since 2009. The designation blocks all of his property interests subject to US jurisdiction and prohibits US persons from engaging in transactions with or for the benefit of al-Zahrani.