Dalits express concern over revealing rape victims' names

Dalits express concern over revealing rape victims' names

Dalit leaders expressed concern over revealing of names of the victims who have undergone sexual assault, in the media. Revealing of names will further demoralise her spirit to fight against crime. There are all possibilities of the victim further being victimised in the society.

They were speaking at SC/ST grievances meeting at Police Commissioner’s office on Sunday. They said revealing the identity will cause further embarrassment and agony to the victims and their family.

Reacting to it, DCP Dharmaiah said that normally only Police Commissioner issues statements. Other police personnel are not allowed to issue any statement on crimes.

“We will ensure that the names of victims are not revealed to the mediapersons while giving out the report,” he said.

A Dalit woman from Harekala said that her husband has been neglecting the family and has extra marital affair. “I had complained to the women’s police station at Pandeshwar. The police had just warned him. However, he has not changed his behaviour and continues to neglect the family,” she added.

The DCP promised to look into the issue. Dalit members said many believe that discrimination against Dalits are a thing of past. However, Dalit families are discriminated at Basavanagara colony in Kavoor. Shivu, Manju, Mallikarjuna, Hemanappa and Bharat and others said that upper caste community members have asked them not to use public tap in Basava Nagara.

“They would tell us not to use the public tap stating that we are from a lower caste. We have our own tap but occasionally when there is no water in the taps meant for us, we are compelled to use the public tap,” they said and added that the members from upper caste also do not allow us to dry our clothes.

DCP Muthuraya promised to look into the issue and urged the families to stay  with mutual cooperation and understanding in the colony.