Mangaloreans go crazy as 'Euphoria' rocks

Mangaloreans go crazy as 'Euphoria' rocks

“I had a dream of singing on a beach, on a full moon night with thousands of audience. Thank you Mangalore for making my dream come true....”

With these words, Dr Palash Sen, the lead singer of Euphoria band started an electrifying performance and Mangaloreans went crazy on the golden sands of Panambur.

The Euphoria band was the key event of the three-day Beach Utsav that culminated on Sunday evening.

Sen started the concert with ‘Vakarathunda Mahakaya’ and then lit the patriotic spirit with the national anthem, after which there was no stop for the rock and roll evening.

Sen gave Mangaloreans a shock by addressing them in Tulu. ‘Yencha Ullar Mangalore’ he screamed at the crowd and called ‘Ponnus’ (girls) of Mangalore the most beautiful in the world and then broke into his breathtaking hit ‘Agay Jane Ram Kya Hoga’. Adding to the glee of Mangaloreans, he also translated a few lines of his song in Tulu and said ‘Eer Yenna, Yan Erna’ (You are mine and I am yours).

He termed Mangalorean girls beautiful and Mangalorean boys as intelligent as they appreciate Mangalorean beauties and sang some hits such as ‘Kya Muje Pyaar Hai,’ ‘Mera Laundry ka bill,’ ‘Dil Chahata’ among others.

Sen made the audience to stand on the chairs and ordered the lights to be out and then rolled out a breathtaking scene, as over 50,000 people took out their mobiles and lit the beach.

He also sang some English Hits such as ‘We will rock you,’ ‘Summer of 69’ and ‘Another brick in the wall’.

However, Euphoria’s hit song, ‘Mai re’ was the star song of the evening. The audience got into the melodious tempo and hummed the chorus of Mai re.

Sen called out to the broken hearts and said that breaking up is not end of life. If an heart break has taken place, then get over it and sing ‘Sukhriya, Alvida and See you Later’.

Sen managed to get the audience from the sad mood with Baila. It was another shock for Mangalore when Palash Sen spoke flawless Konkani and sang ‘Ya Ya.... Maya Ya’..
Sen ended the performace saying that Mangalore has made Euphoria the happiest Band in the world and culminated the show with ‘Mai re’ once again.

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