Seeking aid in troubled phase

Seeking aid in troubled phase

Oxford College of Business Management recently organised a counselling session to help students understand the ill-effects of addictions, including that of drugs.

Counsellors and members from the ‘Narcotics Anonymous’ was invited to the campus for the purpose, and they had a session with the students of BCom and BBM.

"We had invited some members from the ‘Narcotic Anonymous’ to counsel and guide the students so that they can understand what effects drugs have on the lives of people. Students, who wanted to know more and wanted to have a one-on-one interaction with the group, did so during the counselling session,” says John, principal of Oxford College of Business Management.

Some students could relate to the session more than others, Tenzing Woeden, a final-year BCom student, says that the talk was quite beneficial for him. “One of my close relatives was into drugs and alcohol and I could completely relate to what was being told to us by the team. Some of my friends are also into drugs and they need counselling. I have forwarded their numbers to the team and hope that it turns out to be beneficial for them. It was a good initiative and many of the team members shared their stories with us. They briefed us about the kind of problems they faced in fitting in with their peers and the trauma that their family had to go through,” he adds.

The students had a one-on-one session with the members of team where they put forth their queries and shared their problems. Some of the team members shared their experiences and the possible solutions. They advised the students on tackling the issue and whom to seek help from.
Vignesh, a student, informs that it was a very insightful session.

 “It helped in busting most of the myths we had regarding this issue. The useful part was when they interacted with us, let us ask questions and shared their lowest moments with us. It takes a lot of courage to come out in the open and declare that they were victims of drug abuse but it takes even more courage to help others who are in the same condition,” sums up Vignesh.