As real as it gets

As real as it gets

As real as it gets

He can play anything from a sinister to a saint, and leave the audience wondering how he does it with such ease. Not your conventional hero, his is the subtle, understated acting, one which has set a new benchmark for Malayalam films.

From an unsure debutant, more than a decade ago, to the suave leading man, actor Fahadh Faasil has come a long way. The fact that he is the son of a respected film-maker is incidental. In his latest film Annayum Rasoolum (Anna and Rasool), the actor plays the protagonist, one who is quiet on the outside but not quite so inside. The film may have won rave reviews but Fahadh chooses to remain modest.

“It’s a good feeling. But I am not the kind of person who changes with success. There is excitement and I am happy hearing good things about me and the film.” But he does not forget to share the pie of success with his co-actors and the director.

Fahadh is neither trapped in stereotypical roles nor in adulation. Ask the man who has one-of–a-kind films like 22 Female Kottayam and ‘Diamond Necklace’ behind him, how he spots such great scripts and he says, “The script should have something that hits me. I don’t know exactly what it is. It could be a reaction, some humour or even a location. I look for that something in all scripts.”

“I would like to call myself a methodical actor. I am not interested in drama in films. It is films with a
realistic feel that excites me,” he is candid.

So how does he plunge into a role so deeply and completely disappear in it? “I understand how people feel. I can identify emotions of co-actors. It is easy to emote if you know what people around you are feeling. But it takes experience to perfect it. Acting is a realisation,” he philosophises.

Fahadh, who was launched by his father, took a sabbatical after his first film failed to do well. “My experiences have made me what I am today. My father has always given me the space and the choice to do what I want to. But we hardly talk about films. My decisions are my own,” he informs.

Surely he is his own man! Talk of actors and their responsibility towards the society and he says, “Our work is our effort towards the society. My contribution to the society is through my films. If the audience can take something positive from them, I am happy.”

Clearly, his films are doing all the talking but Fahadh is working on some scripts as well. He admits, however, he is no writer. “But my pastime has always been films. For the last six months, I have been working without a break. Now I want to sit back. I believe good films have to be made and supported,” he says. Which is why he has not shied away from doing cameos in Mohanlal’s and Mammootty’s films.

His works have a finesse about them and spell international calibre. “Maybe because I get to work with film-makers of international standard. They moulded me,” he adds. The actor, who loves Bangalore and gives it a place next to Cochin, has a great year to look forward to. He says, “I have seen success and failure. So I don’t get affected by both. I will exist. I will survive...