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College Day
Last Updated 05 February 2013, 12:38 IST

Any college day is an occasion of fun and excitement. The Adarsh Group of Institutions held their ‘Founder’s Day’ and ‘College Day’ at their SRN campus recently. 

There was a lot of singing and dancing at the event, and the campus was filled with colour and youthful energy. 

The day’s activities started with Philip Peter D’Souza and group, who sang a birthday song that was composed by Peter. 

“The importance of the song is that it narrates a short story about the college, and what the students have managed to do for the upliftment of the college’s name,” says Peter.  

Other interesting programmes — such as a martial-art demonstration — also caught everyone’s attention. 
The demonstration was by Sanjay Seervi, a commerce student. He explains, “This piece is to show the importance of knowing how to defend oneself. In our college, the girls will be askedtojoin a compulsory martial-arts programme, that will help them stay safe.”The cultural display that was put up as part of the programme was worth noting. 

 A fashion show called ‘Cultural Heritage of India’, with attire from different regions of the country was conducted. 

Jamuna K N, a final-year student, says, “I’m dressed as a Kannadiga. I’m  wearing a sari to signify the traditions we’ve grown up with. There are others representing different cultures like Rajasthani, Punjabi, and more.”

Snigda, a first-year student, presented a Bihu dance piece at the event. She says, “I grew up with the dance and thus, did not even have to practise for today. This is part of my tradition; I grew up doing these steps.” 

Students at the college also explored serious topics — like women-related issues — via dance. The dance recital by Koyal and group was based on this topic and Koyal elaborates, “We have tried to explore how girls are underestimated and denied many choices in life. But when given a chance, women can prove their worth and stand by themselves.” The interesting programmes of the day also included  fashion show called ‘Colours’.  

(Published 05 February 2013, 12:38 IST)

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