'I am in good spirits'

'I am in good spirits'

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'I am in good spirits'

It might be his first stint on the big screen, but Amit Sadh has already come face to face with the highs and lows of the film industry. The actor makes it a point never to make a rigid plan of action and instead, believes in living life to the fullest.

“I had no projects for six years and was rejected everywhere I went looking for work. I took time to introspect, travelled around the world and then resumed looking for work. Those six years have made me stronger; it gave me time to think and taught me a lot of things,” says the chirpy actor.

He’s all praises for the City and says that the people here seem very nice and warm. “Right from the autorickshaw drivers to the people on the streets, everyone is so nice and courteous. The weather is amazing and the roads are great,” he adds.

Amit is pretty excited about his upcoming release, Kai Po Che, and can’t stop thanking director Abhishek Kapoor for his guidance. “I love the character Omi, which I play in the film. I owe a lot to the director.

The character has so many shades and is full of contradictions. He looks big and strong, but he is actually very innocent. He changes his personality depending on who he’s with and hence, it was a very complex character to play. As the film was not shot in a linear format, I would often find myself confounded between shots,” he explains.

He goes on to add that his character required him to memorise complex shlokas and pronounce them perfectly. “I am very bad when it comes to memorising. Even as a child, I would get nervous when I had to memorise something for a test. However, the character became my second skin. As a director, Abhishek Kapoor had a lot of clarity and gave us a lot of space,” he notes.

The actor adds that he wants to essay a different role each time he is on the screen. “I want to keep changing, as it is liberating to play different characters. I would like to call myself impulsive. I have faced so much in life that it has made me fearless — it has ended up becoming my strength,” he reflects.

Ask him what kind of reaction to the film he expects and he replies, “I have no expectations. I am very satisfied with the kind of work that I have done. I believe in not wasting my energy on what is beyond my control. As an artiste, all I want is appreciation. I would definitely like to be acknowledged as an actor.”

Candid about his choices, he says that he has stopped planning each move. “There was a time when I planned every step of my life. But things have changed now. I don’t plan anything. I am in good spirits,” he sums up.