Power of positive thinking

Power of positive thinking

Several generations of people across races, religions and regions have discovered the merits of the spirit of being optimistic.

Experience has taught mankind to sail through trials and tribulations with little else except hope. The power of positive thinking is infinite.

It has been proven beyond doubt that people who find a glass half filled lead a more amicable and fruitful life than their counterparts who find the glass half empty.

People are constantly rediscovering this strength and reiterate the essence through several means.

Faith in God, meditation camps, fervent prayer et al has proven to revive the upbeat strain in people. People from all walks of life in general are seen to be nurturing positivity in their lives and livelihood in some way.

C Rajagopalachari, the most commendable scholar of all times encapsulated this thought in a Tamil poem.

“Kurai ondrum illai” reiterate that one cannot and must not feel deprived on any count because God is there to guide us and help us to overcome obstacles, whatever they may be.

 A popular Biblical parable avers the same idea. A man found a pair of footprints along with those of his when he walked across the sands of life.

He recognised the marks to be those of God who was invisible otherwise. Then he went through a rough phase of life, and to his chagrin, the footprints of God disappeared.

When he overcame the calamity, he complained to God about the latter’s absence in his life. God told the man that he had carried him through the catastrophe. It was then the man understood the omnipresence of Almighty in our lives.

Belief in a superior guiding force can instill a sense of confidence in mortals. It can give us immense moral support and the strength to overcome the obstacles of life.

In fact all religions emphasise on the importance of bona fide faith not only in God, but also in fellow human beings because it can fill mankind with hope.

When man is trapped in hopelessness, his good faith will rejuvenate him with endless hope!

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