Jumping and cheering for Bangalore

Jumping and cheering for Bangalore

Lucky Fans

The official cheerleaders of the Champions’ League T20 interacted with the fans in person as they danced, jumped and cheered with them at a party in Bangalore. Highlighting the initiative, Philip A B Sargunar, COO, South United Spirits said, “The party gives us an opportunity to engage and interact with fans at large through a property that embodies the brand. As the Champions’ League draws to its climax, the girls will be visiting the three venues of the tournament and interacting with fans across the cities.”

The girls will be meeting cricket enthusiasts at exclusive and high profile events at some of the most upmarket locations in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Fans and customers of the brand across will get a chance to meet the cheerleaders in person and get a flavour of some of the unique cheerleading highlights this season.

The team comprises of 14 girls who have performed and instructed at one of the largest cheer and dance companies in the world — Varsity Spirit Corporation and Universal Dance Association. The cheergirls have been cheering, interacting, engaging and flirting with fans across all three venues of the Champions’ League T20.

Choreographed by Elizabeth Rifino, the members have performed in some of the biggest sporting events such as NBA, NCAA, and NFL as well as in TV shows and movies.