Whither professional theatre?

Whither professional theatre?


Do you think the age of professional theatre has come to an end?


Where will it end? It will not (end). Professional theatre will not die, it continues to exist.

Still, the revenue must have dropped... Have you thought of shutting down your drama company?

Leela: There is no question of closing it. Who said there is no collection? Nobody runs a company without some income. We have seen several occasions where we had to go without food. Once, in Janakonda, we barged into a wedding feast, unable to tolerate the hunger. But we were forced out as the families of the bride and the groom had yet to eat... There have been several such instances.

You must have dreamt of KBR Drama Company completing a hundred years...?

Leela: The Company runs on its own. We have managed it for 80 years. We are 150 members in the family. I will run it till I am around. Later, Srikantesha and his children will look after the company.

So far, you have not played the mother. Till recently you played the heroine. Do you still want to continue playing the lead?

Leela: I stopped (playing heroine) two-and-a half years ago. I will play the mother’s role when the occasion arises. I am not doing it now as there are so many others to do the role.