Survey under NPR project from today in Udupi

Survey under NPR project from today in Udupi

He said that enumerators will conduct door-to-door campaign to collect data in the taluk. Head of the family or any other senior person in the house should provide information to enumerators in order to build the NPR, he pleaded.

About 2,41,353 population in 31 villages in the taluk will be covered under the NPR survey in the taluk, he said adding that the data entry process will continue in other regions later.


Survey will be conducted in Manooru and Kotathattukodi villages between October 20 and 31. In Balekudru, Airodi, Pandeshwara, Mudahadu and Hosala, the survey will be conducted from November 1 to 12. Meanwhile, Kachura, Thonse (West) and Haradi villages will covered from November 13 to 23.

While Nadasalu and Hejmadi villages will be covered between November 22 and 15, data entry will be done at Varamballi, Kumragodu, Handadi, Matapadi and Balkadi villages from November 24 to December 5.

Mullooru, Badagrama and Thenka will be covered between December 6 to 15, while survey will be conducted at Thonse (East) and Uppooru villages from December 6 to 17. In Kote, Pangala, Uliyaragoli and Padu villages, data entry work will be done from December 16 to 27. Meanwhile, Badanidiyur, Thenkanidiyur, Udyavara and Mattu villages will be covered between December 28 and January 10, 2010.