'Iron barricade' to check straying of jumbos

'Iron barricade' to check straying of jumbos

The menace gains momentum with the onset of harvesting season in areas adjacent to Bannerghatta National Park. Digging of trenches and rubber wall have failed to check the intrusion of pachyderms.

Mukund, an animal lover has come up with a new idea to curb the menace. He has installed iron rods in a specific pattern in the safari of the National Park, which he claims will prevent elephants from straying into fields.

He has taken up the demonstration of this idea after obtaining permission from the Forest Department. It has been planned to use tamed elephants to test the efficacy of the barricade.

Mukund said that the barricade has been designed based on the information collected over five years.

Eco-friendly method

Elephants cannot walk over the iron rods installed in a specific pattern and thus return to forest. “This is an eco-friendly method. Putting rubber wall divides the forest area. But in this method, except elephants, all other animals can cross over the barricade,” Mukul said.