Some Pak players don't want Younus as skipper

Some Pak players don't want Younus as skipper

Younus Khan

"For the time being things appear to have calmed down and become normal in Pakistan cricket but given all that has happened after the Champions Trophy, it will take sometime before any healing process between Younus and the players who complained about him to the PCB is effective," a source told PTI today.

The source said PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt decided to support Younus and go against the disgruntled players after getting a clear message from the corridors of power in Islamabad. "A very influential government official had already spoken to Younus two days back and told him his resignation was not acceptable to the chief patron of the board President Asif Zardari and the same person also had a word with Butt on the issue and passed on a clear message," the source said.

He said ever since the team's return from South Africa, some players led by Shahid Afridi had told Butt that they didn't want Younus to continue as captain and they had problems with his attitude and domineering behavior.

"Younus was aware of what was happening behind his back with apparently the approval of manager Yawar Saeed and he played his cards right by using the match fixing allegations to submit his resignation to Butt," the source said. "The strong support from the media, people and political parties for Younus after he submitted his resignation took Butt by surprise and eventually he had no option but to ignore the complaints of the players," the source said.

He said the decision by the governing council to name Shahid Afridi as Twenty20 captain until the T20 World Cup next year was to appease Afridi and the other players who had even planted stories in the media about a possible revolt if Younus continued as captain.

"But now the players have been told to accept the fact that they have to play under Younus and the PCB will continue to support him. But at the same time Butt has advised Younus to work out his issues with the disgruntled players in the interest of the team," the source said.

A close friend of Younus told PTI that the senior player was very miffed at the way some of the players went against him behind his back. "He is upset and disappointed and he conveyed this clearly to pace bowler Umar Gul who went to meet him and sort out things," the source said.

The source said Butt was planning to have a meeting with all the players and the captain by next week before they go to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the one-day series against New Zealand to try and diffuse the situation.