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Thorough Preparation
Last Updated 21 February 2013, 14:00 IST

The ICSE and CBSE examinations are around the corner and students are busy burning the midnight oil.

Most of these students say that there are some particularly difficult subjects — such as mathematics, chemistry and the like — that not only require more effort, but are also tough to score marks in.

Metrolife speaks to some students to find out how they deal with these subjects.
Kaushik, a student of class ten, admits that he finds subjects like mathematics much easier than English.

“I was following the State board curriculum until a few years ago and the shift to the ICSE board was quite sudden. My teachers are helping me with English, and I’m solving question papers. I am also attending special classes that have been organised by the school. I try and divide my time between the difficult subjects — including chemistry — and dedicate four hours to each one of them,” he says.

Teachers advise students to concentrate and make the most of their study holidays. “We have many students attending extra classes during the study holidays. The subjects they find particularly difficult are mathematics, chemistry and physics. The best way to prepare for these subjects is to solve the previous years’ question papers at a continuous stretch, as though it is a real exam,” says Shanthi a teacher at Cambridge School.

"It is important to revise the chapters that have been identified as important by the teachers. I would also advise students to take continuous breaks while they are studying — they can either listen to music or do some yoga,” suggests Shanthi.
Bilal, a student of class ten, admits that maths and chemistry are his stumbling blocks and he’s nervous about writing these exams. “I am solving old question papers and hope to score well. I study for a couple of hours and then take a break for about 15 minutes, so that I can concentrate better. I feel this is the best way to deal with the tough subjects,” he says.

Yashodhara, a teacher, says that students should keep stress under control and
ensure they are taking the right diet, especially before appearing for tough papers.
“It is important that they get adequate sleep before the exams,” says Yashodhara.

“Many students tend to study the entire night just before a tough exam. If they don’t get adequate sleep, they might faint during the exam. Students should
keep themselves hydrated and have a healthy diet,” she adds.

Anand, a student of class 12, has prepared thoroughly for the subjects he finds tough. However, he’s still quite nervous.

“I am spending a lot of time on subjects like maths and physics, and I am fairly confident about them. I feel we should have confidence in our preparation — that will help us do well in the exams,” he sums up.

(Published 21 February 2013, 14:00 IST)

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