A feel of the real thing

A feel of the real thing

Entrepreneurship Week

A feel of the real thing

The National Entrepreneurship Network of India conducts, ‘Entrepreneurship Week’ in several colleges across the country. This year too, the entrepreneurship week was conducted under the theme ‘Innovating for India’.

Mount Carmel College has been participating in the entrepreneurship week for the last six years.

The week-long event saw both the students and faculty participate with full

The event began with the ‘start-up day’ which is a platform provided to the Carmelites, every year, where they are directly placed with the start-up companies in the City for summer internships.

Among the many events that were held were ‘cash the cake’, where participants were given cakes and they had to sell them on campus for a higher price.

The participant who sold the cake for the highest amount was declared the winner. Other events included ‘drape and cape’, ‘bizz the buzz’, ‘debate on FDI’, ‘signature campaign’, ‘street plays’ and ‘E-crosswords’, just to mention a few.

The events outside college included a trip to Mitture village where the students were involved in spreading a message about hygiene among women. The other activity was a flash mob by Carmelites at Mantri Square and in other colleges across the City. The pantomime, a form of musical comedy stage production, saw a group present a mime on the transformation of the windmill from its original form to the present one.

Another interesting event was the street play by the students, in keeping with the theme of the fest. The importance of waste segregation was reinforced through a campaign aimed at the residents of Vasanthnagar.

The entrepreneurship cell of Mount Carmel College, in association with the department of nutrition, released a book on millet, containing the recipes of various dishes cooked with millet.

Those in the audience also got a chance to taste some of these dishes.
The Carmelites were given an opportunity to not only showcase their talent but also interact with people from the market and get a feel of the real thing.

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