The lovely bond

The lovely bond

Ever so often, I watched mother and child at play in a neighbour’s garden, completely lost and entranced with each other, quite oblivious of all around them. The child, prancing and scampering energetically around the lawn, enjoying a game of ‘catch-catch’ with his mother in hot pursuit. Tiring finally, the pair would rest on the lush green grass, basking in the sunlight.

Total comfort and contentment writ on their faces, the pair would snuggle close to each other locked in a fond and loving embrace. Bonds of love and togetherness between the two were evident, and it was a pleasure to watch a picture of perfect bliss and happiness. Days passed by. Nothing changed between the mother and child. Only the bond between the two grew stronger and stronger.

The day dawned bright and clear like any other day. But something was missing. All was quiet in the garden. The familiar scene was missing. The pair was nowhere in sight. Where were they, I wondered.

Anxious and curious, I stepped across and spotted the mother, sitting in solitary silence in a remote corner. She appeared miserable with grief, eyes red and puffed up, her cheeks wet with tears as if her entire world had crashed. I soon learnt about the tragedy that had befallen. Apparently the child had been missing for some days, and all efforts to find him had been fruitless. Where had he disappeared? Had somebody kidnapped him or was he the victim of a hit and run vehicle?

No amount of sympathies from all around seemed to help. She remained forlorn and listless, unable to sleep or eat. As if in a trance, she kept calling out to her baby in soft mournful tones. She presented a picture of abject misery. She was indeed a heart rending sight, her suffering so acute that tears welled up in my eyes.

Time being the best healer, she gradually came to terms with her tragic loss and learnt to accept the void in her life. Slowly coming out of her seclusion, she was once again her cheerful self. And so the days passed. But, mother nature too, is a big leveller. One day, I learnt that she was expecting again. Her face glowed, as fresh hopes kindled in her breast. As she grew heavy with child, we all waited patiently for the new arrival.

And arrive they did, four bonnie kittens of all hues and colours, bringing new excitement and joy to all around!