Fusion, camaraderie comes alive

Fusion, camaraderie comes alive

Musical Night

Myriad hues of the both Indian and western music were spread on the stage when classical Carnatic musician Sudha Raghuraman, flautist G Raghuraman and the City-based fusion band Advaita gave mesmerising performances earlier this week at Zorba.

From pure classical to fusion and their camaraderie with the international jazz pianist Terry McCaw, the musical evening had it all.
The concert ‘Vriddhi’ opened with the musical ensemble between tabla maestro Vishal Nagar and the jazz pianist. The two established a beautiful camaraderie by playing a piece titled as yognis. The duo was later joined by drummer Tarun Balani and Rohit Prasanna of the Advaita band and the classical singer Ujjwal Nagar. This combination of the musicians was an ultimate and
enthralling start.
However, main highlight of the evening was yet to arrive. It was the collaborative work between Advaita and classical Carnatic musicians Sudha and G Raghuraman. The fusion between the musicians came as a delight.

A recital by classical singer Sudha gave a different twist to Advaita’s songs like Rasiya, Ghir Ghir, So lost and Durga, whereas G Raghuraman’s music from flute added melody to the composition. The audience was left with an urge to scream for a single by Advaita, which was fulfilled by the band.

Ujjwal Nagar, vocalist of the band, said, “At the end of the day audience enjoyed a new and a refreshing sound. In a couple of Advaita’s songs, the Raghuramans collaborated with us and we joined them in a couple of their compositions, bringing our own sound. Hopefully audience appreciated this effort.”

Sudha Raghuraman said, “I have a wonderful feeling because through this festival I was able to connect with western and Hindustani music. It was a vast classical platform wherein we reached out a large audience.”