Space savers for your home

Space savers for your home

Simple solutions

Smart storage is crucial in modern homes. The use of multi-purpose furniture, such as old metal boxes doubling up as couches, is a great idea.

Modern lifestyles have often meant a flood of choices and options. We are encouraged to hoard and cram every available space in our homes with stuff. We are often faced with shortage of storage space. While designing the house, we make provision for cupboards, kitchen cabinets and book shelves, shoe racks, etc. Over a period, the storage options created initially look too small. In such a situation, you need to invest in creativity and imagination, and create smart storage options for your home.

Walls are a great option in this regard though they are not thought of as storage spaces usually. Step shelves can be created on walls or in corners. These shelves  provide an ideal space for displaying books or other decorative elements. Box shelves above the bed are another solution for added storage space.

In the kitchen too, hanging a peg board or colourful self adhesive single wall hooks can offer great storage options for hanging additional pans and pots. Good quality zipper bags hung on to single hooks are appropriate for many odd items in the kitchen. A sleek towel rod fixed above the writing desk with attractive tea mugs hanging, where one can place pens and other stationery will make the desk clean and free from mess.

In the living room or in other rooms, furniture should be multi-utility ones. A box bed is one such example. It can provide storage for bed linen, shawls etc. Even sofas, benches or tables will play the double role of seating and housing extra storage items. There are many furniture items which are multi-purpose ones.

Take this piece of furniture that can act as a chair, a writing desk and also a box for storage; a three-in one compact chair. Old steel trunks can be used to keep sparingly used or seasonal items. Covered with bright printed linen, they can act as a place to place a flower vase or other decor elements.

Many homes come with staircases. If this is located in the living room at a corner, it is the ideal place to have fixed racks so that many things can be neatly stacked.
If a staircase is in the portico or on the sides of the building, it is ideal to place a bicycle, child’s toy cycle, etc.

Even a small shoe case can be placed underneath the same. The back of doors is another place where ample space is available to hang many daily utility materials. Compact-looking plastic organisers with small partitions can be hung in rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom. Small tools, kitchen implements, toiletries or cosmetics can be stored in these pouches.

In this way, more storage space can be imaginatively created which will serve the purpose of utility and create a clutter-free space in the living area.