Officer's widow, father quarrel over job offers

Officer's widow, father quarrel over job offers

Offer of government jobs to five family members of the slain UP police officer Zia-ul-Haque has become a bone of contention in his family after Haque’s father objected to the list furnished by the cop’s widow Parveen Azad to the district administration containing names of persons to be considered for jobs.

According to the slain cop’s father, the widow has suggested the names of members of her parents’ family while ignoring the claims of her husband’s family members.

Chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, during his visit to the family a few days ago, had assured that the government would give jobs to five members of the slain cop’s family. The choice of names had been left to Parveen Azad.

The district administration of Deoria had asked Parveen to give the names of five people, who could be considered for jobs . Sources said Parveen sent a list to the district officials with eight names. Besides Parveen, the names also included her sister and some other members of her parents’ family.

Haque’s father Shamshul Haque, however objected to this and said only his family members should be given jobs. He also wrote to the district administration in this regard.
“Parveen may have done so under the influence of some people. My family members also made a lot of sacrifices in ensuring good education to Zia-ul-Haque. Their contribution should not be ignored,” he said.

The widow, however, denied having been influenced by any one. The differences have put the district officials in a quandary. “The squabble in the family will certainly delay processing of the applications,” said the officials.

Parveen has also, reportedly, demanded a bravery award to be given to her deceased husband and also demanded his native village to be named after him.