Vegetable cutter removed from boy's back

Vegetable cutter removed from boy's back

A team of doctors at the JIPMER here have removed a vegetable cutter from the left thoracic cavity of a 15-year-old boy after a six-hour surgery recently.

The teenager hailing from Tiruvakkarai village in Villuupram district of Tamil Nadu had jumped from a tree on to a tiled-roof of a house which gave way and he fell on his back on a vegetable cutter in December last year.

An X-ray and CT scan showed the cutter had entered the abdomen between the spleen and the left kidney tearing the stomach.

Dr Durga Prasad Rath, who headed the team from the Cardiothoracic and Vascular
Surgery department, said that the vegetable cutter damaged the surface of the left lung and entered the outer layer of the heart making a rent and was lying between the blood vessels of the lung and heart.

The cutter was removed in stages and the surgery was performed for a little over six hours. After saving the blood vessels, the doctors removed the metal from the body without causing further damage.

The patient was enabled to eat with the help of a feeding tube placed in the small intestines.

After keeping him for observation in the post operative care unit, the boy was discharged last week and has since been turning up for review, a hospital release said, adding, he was now taking normal diet.

The boy is now in normal condition, a release added.