Police help girl prepare for boards

Police help girl prepare for boards

The police have brought light into the life of T P Athira  so she can study for the Class X board exam beginning Monday without hurting her eyes from the corrosive fumes the kerosene lamp spews out.

Athira had approached the local Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) office, pleading power connection for her unplastered brick house at a sleepy village of Punchakkad in Kannur district. The officials remained unmoved.

The girl then managed to secure an order from the district administration directing the KSEB to give the connection. Again, the KSEB sought more time for want of  posts, cable and other materials.

When it became clear that there was no chance of getting connection before the examination, Athira approached the Payyanur “Janamythri” (people-friendly) Police who installed a solar lamp in her room. “Something is better than nothing. It will at least provide light for her to study long hours without hurting her eyes from kerosene smoke,” said Payannur Circle Inspector Abdul Rahim.

Studious Athira lives in penury.  Her father died a long ago while her mother and two brothers, who are school dropouts, do menial jobs to eke out a living.  A plastic sheet serves as the roof of her house.

The “ayalkootom” (neighbourhood group) in her area pooled money to get her house wired.  Though several individual and citizen groups are putting pressure on the KSEB for providing connection, the officials give one or the other excuse and delay it.

“KSEB had first demanded Rs 700 for giving connection and the amount was paid. Now, it asks Rs 5,000 more to install an earth leakage circuit breaker device, which the family cannot just afford,’’ Soman, Athira’s neighbour, said.

“There are several such cases before us. We are very sorry that we cannot go out of turn,’’ was all a KSEB official would say in reply.