Wolf kills eight-month-old, mauls three rescuers

Wolf kills eight-month-old, mauls three rescuers

The wolf, which had strayed into the Comparganj village in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur district, some 250 km from Lucknow, Wednesday killed the eight-month-old boy, who was sleeping outside his home along with his mother, an official said.

“The wolf grievously injured the mother and two other villagers, who tried to rescue the eight-month-old boy," ranger R.K. Kannaujia told IANS over phone.
“The injured are being treated at a hospital. All of them are now out of danger," he added.
Forest officials have launched a massive search operation to trap the wolf, who is hiding in the village fields.

“For villagers' safety, we have advised them to stay in groups and also remain armed with wooden sticks," Kannaujia said.

“The wolf, unlike the tiger and leopard, is not susceptible to being drawn to bait of goats or buffalo. It, therefore, becomes difficult for us to catch the animal," he added.
According to officials, the wolf is an endangered species and is protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. However, the Act also gives the right to kill in self-defence if the animal poses a threat to the people.

The state government provides for Rs.25,000 payment as compensation for families whose members become victims to wolf attacks.