Being an environment-friendly architect

Being an environment-friendly architect

Being an environment-friendly architect

I was born and brought up in Bangalore and did my schooling from Brigade School till 10th grade and completed my 11th and 12th from Christ Junior College. I was always of the opinion that architecture is such a subject that leads you to a creative field thereby creating a sustainable environment for people.

Therefore, after completing my school education, I decided to make a career in this field as I envisioned having a sense of satisfaction whenever I would see a finished product designed by me displayed for the entire world to admire and enjoy.

However, I was completely clueless about choosing the right college as there is a plethora of educational institutions offering various architecture courses. While searching for various options, I came across the University of Sheffield and something struck my mind. I chose this University for being one of the most reputed universities not only in the UK but worldwide and for the impressive course content it offers.

Soon after I thought of paying a visit to the university campus and the environment there really caught my attention. The campus has the friendliest atmosphere with best of facilities and the course contains a lot of researching and exploring with a practical approach. I was quite confident in my choice, especially because England has always been my preferred destinations for higher education because of its culture, history, and grandeur.

When I first arrived at the university, I was a bit apprehensive as I had left behind my friends and family. But gradually after spending sometime here, I figured out that there was much more to learn here than just the course module.

I am having the opportunity to learn the nuances of this field with people from across the world. I have made great friends in this process, who are almost like my second family now and the university is like another home away from home.

 Here at the university, the way they teach architecture is highly impressive. The course provides a balance of theory, design work and professional experience. They don’t just teach about the dimensions of a brick from a book, but actually use bricks to demonstrate and guide us on how to build a structure.

I get to learn how to lead on projects, solve complex problems and communicate my ideas. Above all, we are even encouraged to think about the wider responsibilities of the architect. The quality of research and teaching, live projects and working with real clients in the community make the School of Architecture a perfect place for one to start a career in architecture. It is for this reason that they enjoy a reputation for being perhaps the most socially and politically engaged School of Architecture in the UK. Apart from all this, there are various informative workshops, study tours, site visits and tutorials that have made studying architecture much more fun for me.

 Being socially active has earned me a huge group of lifelong friends here at the city of Sheffield within my 1st year of under graduation. Maybe it’s the warm welcome that I have received from the people of this city that has made me fall in love with it. Sheffield is a friendly, safe and affordable place to make your home. But what attracts me the most is that one gets a chance to enjoy the sophisticated fast-paced city life and yet in 20 minutes you will be standing in the middle of the Mother Nature’s scenic countryside.

Choosing University of Sheffield’s School of Architecture has thankfully taken me away from the usual conventional methods of teaching, and is helping me mould myself into an independent and clear thinking professional who prepares all her designs keeping the environment in mind.