Will ask DPP to drop more charges against Patel: Lawyers

Will ask DPP to drop more charges against Patel: Lawyers

A day after court acquitted Indian-origin doctor Jayant Patel of unlawfully killing his patient, his defence team has said they will ask Department of Public Prosecutions to drop other charges against him.

Patel's lawyer Ken Fleming said a Supreme Court hearing has been scheduled for Friday, an ABC report said.

Fleming said he will be asking the two remaining manslaughter charges, as well as grievous bodily harm and fraud charges against Patel are dropped.

Patient's advocate Beryl Crosby, on the other hand, has said it is not over yet.
"Everybody is in disbelief feeling upset, hoping that the DPP will continue on with the other cases," she said.

Patel's defence team said they will also be asking for a relaxation of Patel's bail conditions requiring him to report to police several times a week.

Whistle-blower nurse Toni Hoffman said she hoped the DPP will pursue the other cases.
"There's still a long way to go yet," she said adding the whole thing has just been "so disruptive" to the community and he would not be welcome back in this community.

The Brisbane Supreme Court had yesterday acquitted 62-year-old Patel of unlawfully killing his patient 75-year-old Mervyn Morris.

Patel was accused of causing his death after he removed part of his colon in an attempt to address rectal bleeding in 2003.