Passive smoking can lead to cancer

Last Updated 14 March 2013, 13:28 IST

Smoking is injurious to health’. The very common line which has been said a million times already fails to mention the harmful effects of smoke on passive smokers.

Passive smoking, for the unaware, does more damage to the person subjected to it, than smoking does to its user. This smoke stays in the air for a long time even after the smoker has puffing away at his cigarette, cigar or pipe. So it matters little even if you aren’t smoking – chances are, you are being exposed to this poison for no reason at all.

Despite the ban on smoking in public places, it is a common to find people in restaurants, railway stations, markets and social gatherings, busy taking drags. Many non-smokers are also exposed to passive smoking in their own homes or in the homes of family and friends.

Metrolife talks to Dr Harnish Vohra, a lung specialist who states that, “The ill-effects of passive smoking are countless and cannot be denied. Smoke stays in the air for a long time especially in enclosed places and children, pregnant women and older people are more prone to it. Passive smoking can actually harm all the organs of a body. One cigarette contains 4000 chemicals, so you can imagine its effects.”

Most smokers stretch the rules according to their convenience and choose where to smoke and areas that they should avoid. What they don’t know is that passive smoking can lead to coronary artery diseases which eventually leads to cardiac arrest, strokes and paralysis when it comes to older people. 

Smokers are often addicted and are unable to give up their habit. Their argument is that it is their life and health which is at risk. But they often have to be reminded that they are playing with the health of others too.

According to Harnish, “It all depends on the immunity of a person. How a person’s system fights these chemicals. If anybody truly wants to quit, he or she can have a glass of water, listen to music or do some yoga. Champix chewing is also a very good option. But one has to be dedicated enough and it is found that people come back to smoking after a few months.”

(Published 14 March 2013, 13:28 IST)

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