Pak brigadier assassinated

gun law: A policeman drives away an army jeep with bullet holes splattered on the windshield, after it was attacked by gunmen in Islamabad on Thursday. AP

The assassination of the brigadier, Moinudin Ahmed, was believed to be the first targeted attack on a senior military officer in Islamabad, and also suggested a new tactic in the ongoing war between the government and Islamist militants.
Until now, the military has been able to mostly move freely through the capital.
The assailants fired with automatic weapons at the jeep, which was not bulletproof, and then disappeared into heavy traffic, according to witnesses. The attack took place around 9:30 am in the G-11 neighbourhood of the capital.

The attack appeared to be a direct reprisal against the army’s current offensive against militants in the rugged tribal region of South Waziristan.
Another soldier also was injured in the attack, according to a military spokesman.
The brigadier returned to Islamabad a few days ago from Sudan, where he was leading the Pakistani contingent attached to the United Nations Organisation peacekeeping force, according to an Islamabad police official.
The deceased brigadier was on his way to Rawalpindi when the militants attack his jeep driven by a driver.

Slow progress
The army continued to make slow progress in the mountainous terrain of South Waziristan, battling Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters in the Mehsud heartland where the government says most of the recent terrorist attacks have been organised.
The killing of the brigadier and his driver is the latest in a string of seven attacks over the past 18 days in Pakistan against major government and security installations.
On Tuesday, Taliban militants killed six people when they struck a student cafeteria and an academic building at the International Islamic University in Islamabad. Schools in Islamabad and Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province, as well as elsewhere in Pakistan, remained closed on Thursday in the wake of that attack.

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