A celebration of skills

A celebration of skills

College Day

A celebration of skills

Jyoti Nivas College recently conducted ‘College Day 2012-13’, which showcased the past year’s achievements of the students. With the grounds decorated and the students attired in their traditional best, the enthusiasm was truly contagious.

Principal Sr Elizabeth C S addressed the students, saying, “Our college has been bustling with both academic and cultural activities, which help in the holistic growth of our young students. Each day has taken us one step closer to becoming socially-aware women. With this new learning, I can proudly say that we stand as a milestone in chartering quality education.”

This was followed by the presentation of an annual report of the activities that were held in the college over the course of the year.

The new courses that have been introduced into the curriculum by the UGC Grant were also mentioned.

The programme also threw light on the issue of women’s empowerment and equal rights for women, which were also extensively covered in a previously held two-day national seminar.

The college also honoured its distinguished faculty members for their dedicated service to the institution and recognised the outstanding students in various fields for their tireless efforts.

“I did not expect to win, but I am honoured to be chosen for the ‘Jyoti Prize for Best Outgoing Student’. It feels good to know that my efforts have been fruitful,” shares Shruti Rajan, a third-year BA student. Not only was the event special for the final-year students but it was also an exciting experience for the students of the first year, who got an opportunity to be part of the college celebrations.

Sherin Deborah, a first-year BSc student, notes, “This was my first performance in college and it was thrilling to dance for our seniors. I am proud to be part of Advaiya, the Indian dance team of the college.” The evening ended with a vibrant cultural extravaganza that showcased the various talents that the college houses.