Opening the door to good design

Last Updated 21 March 2013, 13:38 IST

Wondering what kind of door to choose for your under-construction house? Read on, for more on the finishes and accessories one could use, on the front door.

Doors create the first impression about a house, especially the front door. The owner takes keen interest, uses expensive teak wood to create a ‘work of art’ for the front door, with decorative motifs.

However, due to security reasons, a front steel grill is needed that could slightly mar the impression. But that’s a small price to pay for a homeowner and his / her family’s security. The front door should be strong, sturdy and secure to withstand rough usage, as this is the door, which is used most often in a home.

A door can be single panel or double panel with hinges on one or both sides. While the front door is given due importance, the rest of the doors inside the house are more functional, though not necessarily of inferior quality. However, a door on a toilet or bathroom has to be wood with aluminium backing to prevent water leakage and consequent deterioration. The alternative is to use a plastic door that is reasonably priced and is also water resistant. These are lightweight and have sufficient strength.

Maintenance matters

The upkeep of doors is an important aspect. While the front door, especially if it is decorated with figures, is left unpainted, with lacquer finish if need be, the rest of the doors, barring plastic doors, are wood-based with painting / lacquering to preserve as well as to match with the decor inside the house. A teak door is polished to enhance its natural wood colour. Nowadays, with spray painting, any finish could be had on a door or a window frame to match the aesthetics. Several layers of spray painting do the trick in having the right shade and finish. A peephole could be provided for security reasons. An attractive door knocker of brass, polished regularly, fixed to the front door adds to the decor.

Safety first

The safety of the front and the back door are of primary importance. Additional bars or grills could be fixed on the door frame for security reasons. Sometimes, the front grill is kept closed while the main door is kept open to let in light and air. Several locking arrangements are available to secure the premises. Elaborate lock systems are available to keep the door secure, which cannot be tampered with easily. Most of the doors are of the hinge type with opening on one or both sides.

The garage door could be a rolled-up type with upward movement of the door to save space and for convenience. A sliding door could prove useful for office cabins and inside a house where it is necessary to have a certain degree of privacy, for example, in a study or office room. That would avoid the need for hinges, which saves space too.

Rotating doors are found in hotels, malls, museums, public buildings, restaurants and theatres that serve the purpose of keeping air, dust, light, and noise out while allowing people to come in and exit continuously.

Glass doors, either hinged or rotating type, which are glass sheets fixed on movable panels, are used frequently in cafes, hotels, offices or public buildings.

(Published 21 March 2013, 13:38 IST)

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